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Cockfighting, or sabong, is a blood sport between two roosters that are considered a traditional pastime in the Philippines as it’s deeply ingrained in Filipino culture. This sport was already present even before the Spanish colonized the Philippine islands in the 1500s and it is still popular today to the point that the Philippines hosts the World Slasher Cup, the longest-running cockfighting event in the world. More than 200 breeders and cockfighters worldwide gather in the Philippines’ Smart Araneta Coliseum to compete.

The best online sabong for Filipinos

In sabong, the two roosters are outfitted with blades, either single-edged or double-edged blades, on their left legs, unless their owners agreed to have the blades on the right legs or on both legs. Once the roosters are ready, they are then loosed into a pit to fight to the death or until one or both roosters can no longer fight.

What is Online Sabong?

What is Online Sabong

Online sabong is the online version of a cockfight where gamblers register in an online casino with sabong games or in sabong betting sites to watch and place bets on matches. The matches work the same way as that traditional sabong matches since the live match itself is live-streamed for online bettors to watch and place bets.

Best Online Sabong Platforms

Sabong bettors can start watching sabong matches and placing bets by going to one of several online casinos and online sabong websites and platforms. One excellent example of a good platform is Go Perya with it powered by DS88. 

How to start betting on e-sabong

1. Go Perya

Go Perya is an online casino with both online sabong betting options and online casino games. Gamblers can register to watch sabong matches streamed by DS88 and place live sabong bets. This casino also has a wide range of online casino games, including baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker, Live Monopoly, Crazy time, Crazy Coin flip, and online slots.

2. Sabong International

Sabong International is a dedicated online sabong platform where gamblers can watch live sabong matches from the homepage.

3. SW418 Live Sabong

SW418 is an online sabong website preferred by a lot of Filipino sabong bettors. While this platform was relatively popular, it was difficult to find and there was always a risk of registering on a fake site.

4. Pitmasters Live

Pitmasters Live was a popular online sabong platform before former president Rodrigo Roa Duterte announced the suspension of all e-sabong operations. After the announcement, Atong Ang voluntarily suspended his company’s operations even before the deadline.

Go Perya Mobile App

When betting on sabong matches through Go Perya, gamblers can start doing so through their phones by downloading the mobile application. Through this, gamblers won’t need to go to the Go Perya website every time to place bets.

Go Perya Application Download

The Go Perya mobile app can be downloaded by scanning the QR code using either an Android or iPhone device. Many bettors prefer gaming through a dedicated mobile application to easily place bets wherever and whenever they want. This is ideal since not everyone has a desktop PC or a laptop to access and place bets in. Additionally, it is more convenient to play games and place bets when using a mobile device.

Go Perya Login

Go Perya customers can log in through the mobile app by providing either their username or mobile phone number, their password, and a graphic code.

Online Sabong vs Local Cockpit Betting

The difference between betting on sabong matches online and betting through local cockpits is mainly the fact that gamblers don’t need to look for a cockpit to gamble in when doing so online. Online gamblers only need to register at Go Perya and log in through the platform to be able to bet on any available sabong matches online. Gamblers also won’t have to worry about how they place bets when doing so online since they’ll get a visual prompt, which isn’t the case in local cockpits.

Understand how online sabong works

The experience between betting locally and online is largely the same, but it’s arguably safer and more comfortable for the gambler when doing so online. It’s also easier to find online sabong matches than local cockpits.

Looking for local cockpits alone isn’t enough since the cockpit needs to be regulated for the matches to be legal. There’s still a risk when betting locally when authorities suddenly raid the pit.

Is Sabong Betting Legal in the Philippines?

Sabong betting is legal in the Philippines and the blood sport is regulated by PAGCOR or the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. Betting is only allowed at regulated cockpits, but illegal underground sabong cockpits and matches called Tupadas and Tigbakays are easily accessible, and clamping down on them hasn’t been a priority.

Regulated sabong matches are legal. Unregulated ones are not.

Sabong betting legality

Is Online Sabong Betting Legal in the Philippines?

Online sabong is no longer legal in the Philippines after former president Rodrigo Duterte ordered the suspension of all e-sabong operations in the country and President Bongbong Marcos formalizes the order to continue the suspension of all e-sabong operations.

Online sabong legality

Still, gamblers can go to online casinos or online betting sites to place bets when they’re powered by providers like DS88.


Online sabong is betting on sabong matches online live through online casinos or sabong betting matches. The cockfights are held in actual cockpits and are live-streamed for bettors to watch.

Go Perya is the best place to watch online sabong matches and is also the best platform to place bets. Go Perya also has a mobile application that gamblers can use to game online.

Online sabong works by livestreaming actual sabong matches. Sabong bettors can then easily place bets during the ruweda.

Yes. Cockfighting is a traditional blood sport in the Philippines. The sport has been around for around 6,000 years and it shows no sign of going away since it’s deeply ingrained in Filipino culture.

Yes. This is because roosters can get territorial when other roosters go to their space. However, roosters specifically used for sabong matches are specifically bred for fighting, so their aggression towards other roosters is more artificial since they’re forced to fight in the pit. 


Online sabong is a popular blood sport in the Philippines where bettors can place bets online through online casinos or sabong betting websites. Bettors can then have access to live sabong matches they can place their bets on and see the odds change in real-time during the Ruweda and try to maximize their winnings by betting when the odds are high enough to make a small profit. Go Perya is an excellent online betting platform where bettors can bet on live sabong matches online. Register today with Go Perya and place online sabong bets. Additionally, you can browse our selection of casino games or read our guide on how to play online sabong.

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