The Ultimate Guide to Go Perya Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Gaming in online casinos like Go Perya is so that gamblers can win real money. Because of this, gamblers will need to provide a Go Perya withdrawal method to ensure that people can cash out their winnings. Depositing real money to Go Perya doesn’t require users to provide a specific payment method.

Go Perya Deposit and Withdrawal

How to Deposit Real Money in Go Perya?

How to deposit at go perya
  • Log in to the Go Perya account
  • Left-click or hover on the username
  • Left-click on “Deposit”
  • Select from Gcash, PayMaya, GrabPay, RCBC, UnionBank, BPI, or USDT
  • Input the recharge amount (minimum amount is PHP50 to PHP200 and the maximum amount is PHP30,000 to PHP300,000,000, depending on the selected payment option)
  • Left-click “Next Step”
  • When using Gcash, provide the Gcash number. When using other deposit methods, select a preferred payment method and provide the account number.
  • Click “Pay Now”
  • Provide the PIN number of the account or accomplish the other similar requirements

Go Perya Withdrawal Method

Unlike the Go Perya deposit process, gamblers must first add a payment method. Go Perya supports Gcash withdrawal and gamblers must first register a Gcash account by filling up the form by providing the following information:

  • Bank name (Gcash is supported)
  • Account number (Gcash number)
  • OTP
How to withdraw at Go Perya

How to Withdraw Real Money from Go Perya?

  • Log In to the Go Perya account
  • Left-click or hover on the username
  • Left-click on “Withdrawal”
  • Click “One-click collection” to collect all the balance to the main wallet
  • Select a payment method
  • Left-click on “Next Step”
  • Provide the withdrawal amount (minimum PHP100)
  • Provide the transaction password
  • Left-click “Confirm withdrawal”

Keep in mind that administrative expenses might apply.

How to Withdraw Bonus Money from Go Perya?

When taking advantage of Go Perya promos and bonuses, gamblers will be able to get bonus money as they place bets. Each bonus has its respective turnover requirements that must first be met before gamblers can withdraw the money they win while using the bonus. Until the turnover requirement is met, gamblers won’t be able to withdraw the bonus money they win while using the bonus.

VIP Player Bank Transaction

VIP players need to contact customer service to get help withdrawing real money to their bank account. Otherwise, they can withdraw bit by bit using Gcash.


The different payment methods available are Gcash, PayMaya, GrabPay, BPI, Unionbank, RCBC, and USDT.

Gamblers will need to select GCash as a deposit method and input 100 as a minimum deposit, click “Next Step,” provide the GCash account numbers, then click Next.

Gamblers can select from the other available deposit methods, including PayMaya, GrabPay, and BPI. They’ll need to select the preferred deposit method, input the recharge amount, and then input the account number to pay for the recharge amount. Other payment methods, like BPI, will require gamblers to input their username and password to connect their bank accounts.

Go Perya incentivizes gamblers to place deposits by allowing them to enjoy certain bonuses, depending on the deposit made. Go Perya has the first deposit bonus that allows gamblers to receive 100% bonus money when they make a minimum deposit of PHP500 and withdraw the winnings when they meet the 15x turnover requirement. A daily deposit bonus with a smaller bonus money amount and lower turnover requirement is also available.

Gcash is currently the only withdrawal method available in Go Perya. VIP members may be able to get help transferring real money to their bank accounts after contacting customer support.

Gamblers will need to select from one of the gambler’s registered payment methods, provide the withdrawal amount, and provide the transaction password. If the gambler forgot their transaction password, they should try contacting customer support to help them withdraw their winnings.

Gamblers can withdraw their winnings using the first deposit, daily deposit, and other casino bonuses by first fulfilling the turnover requirements. They can then withdraw the money normally like how they withdraw their normal winnings.

You’ll need to remember your transaction password to be able to withdraw money. If you don’t remember it, you can try contacting customer support. If you encounter an error while withdrawing money, check the details of the error and either wait it out or try to resolve it locally, or contact the customer support team.

Also, check carefully whether you have enough balance in the account to meet the minimum amount for withdrawal. You should also check whether you’re to be charged a withdrawal fee or any administrative expenses since they can negatively affect the total amount of money to be withdrawn. Trying to withdraw PHP500 only to be charged PHP500 for administrative expenses will prevent gamblers from withdrawing their money.


Online casino gaming through Go Perya becomes extremely accessible as the platform itself is a Gcash casino, which means that many Filipino gamblers can easily withdraw real money after gaming. It’s important that gamblers are able to easily cash out their winnings to avoid bigger losses or to enjoy their winnings instead of having their money stuck inside their accounts.