Ali Baba JILI Slot Game Review

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Ali Baba JILI Slot Game Review

JILI slot’s Ali Baba slot machine is an exciting game. This slot game has a total of 32,400 paylines and megaways, making it a perfect game to play online slots for real money. The game includes some impressive graphics that complement the vibrant Arabian theme, such as thieves, a ring, a blade, golden coins, a dais, a princess, and a number of characters.

Ali Baba Slot Game Review

Alibaba’s story is a folklore tale that was included in the collection “One Thousand and One Nights.” It has become one of the most well-known “Arabian Nights” stories and has been widely retold worldwide. According to legend, Ali Baba was a poor woodcutter who discovered a thieves’ den. Saying “Open Sesame” would magically open this mysterious hideout. When the thieves discover Ali Baba’s discovery of secret den, they attempt to murder him, but his loyal slave girl stops them and kills them. 

Alibaba keeps the secret of the treasure-filled den, and his son marries the slave girl. The main characters of the story, Ali Baba, the girl, and one of the thieves can be seen in this game. The game is set at night in an Arabian town, with gold and jewels glittering and glowing in the foreground. A slew of Arabian-themed symbols rounds out the theme.

How To Play Ali Baba JILI Slot?

How to Play Ali Baba
  • According to the paytable, bet lines pay in sequence from left to right pay.
  • The maximum payline length is 32,400 megaways.
  • For each payline, only the highest payout is considered.
  • Winnings are determined by multiplying the bet by the pay.
  • The round of the game is void if there is a malfunction that leaves the result uncertain.

Game Features

Ali Baba features

Long Wild, Normal Wild

A Long Wild is composed of four Normal Wild Cards and it only appears on the reel’s top row. All of the WILDs in the game can be used to replace any symbol, except the Scatter.


In normal game mode, you can enter the free game (10 free spins) by collecting four Scatters, and you can get two more free spins for each additional Scatter. During the free spins round, you can get 10 more free spins by accumulating 4 Scatters.

Treasure Chest Multiplier Symbols

X1 will be the only character to appear during the game. Until you can no longer eliminate it, collect and accumulate the multiplier of one or more treasure chest symbols on the board and multiply it by the winning score of that elimination.

Treasure Chest

The reel will determine X1X4 at random in the free game! Whether or not an elimination occurs, the multiplier of one or more treasure chest symbols on the board can be collected and accumulated until the free game ends. The treasure chest multiplier symbol and the sky fall will both be removed from the board when it is reset (eliminated).

Free Game Spin the Wheel and Place a Wager!

Before you begin the free game, the reels will select a random multiplier for the treasure chest! The multiplier of the treasure chest symbol in the free game is determined by the outcome of the choice, and it can be up to X4!

Ali Baba wheel

The selected multiplier will also act as the starting cumulative multiplier for the game.

Payout Table

ali baba symbol 106 X 4
5 X 2.5
4 X 2
3 X 1.5
ali baba symbol 96 x 2.5ali baba symbol 86 x 2.5
5 x 1.55 x 1.5
4 x 1.254 x 1.25
3 x 13 x 0.5
ali baba symbol 76 X 1.5ali baba symbol 66 X 0.75
5 X 15 X 0.6
4 X 0.754 X 0.5
3 X 0.43 X 0.3
ali baba symbol 56 X 0.75ali baba symbol 46 X 0.5
5 X 0.65 X 0.4
4 X 0.54 X 0.3
3 X 0.33 X 0.2
ali baba symbol 36 X 0.5ali baba symbol 26 X 0.2
5 X 0.45 X 0.15
4 X 0.34 X 0.1
3 X 0.23 X 0.05
ali baba symbol 16 X 0.2ali baba symbol 06 X 0.2
5 X 0.155 X 0.15
4 X 0.14 X 0.1
3 X 0.053 X 0.05


Overall, the Ali Baba JILI Slot Game is a must-play for anyone who loves slots and adventure. With its exciting bonus features, stunning graphics, and immersive sound effects, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. So, get ready to play Ali Baba at Goperya for your chance to win big!