Chin Shi Huang JILI Online Slot Game Review

Play Chin Shi Huang JILI Slot | Detailed Review

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Chin Shi Huang JILI Online Slot Game Review

Chin Shi Huang slot

Chin Shi Huang online slot from developer JILI Games is the ultimate combo game you can try at an online casino. This Jili game is regarded as one of the most well-liked online slot machines in 2023. Continue reading to learn how to play this traditional game in Chinese fashion if you enjoy the sensation of a continuous combination. 

What is the Chin Shi Huang Slot Game?

What is Chin Shi Huang?

The famous game manufacturer, JILI, develops the Chin Shi Huang slot. JILI Games is one of the leading authors of tiger mechanics. Chin Shi Huang Game Features brings you a supersized board with 4096 paylines. The biggest advantage of Jili Slot is the perfect integration of the game theme. 

Chin Shi Huang Game Features

Chin Shi Huang features

The biggest advantage of Chin Shi Huang Jili Slot is the perfect integration of the game theme. The game aims to land winning combinations of symbols on the reels and win big payouts. Below are the game features and rules:

Unique Theme

The website features an exciting theme, which entices gamers to check it out. It is unique, more informative, and more accessible than others discovered online.

Free Games

Before playing the game for real money, it also offers free games, which can be found on online casino websites. It is a great offer that the game has because if you need to become more familiar, you can use it to learn and study the game’s mechanics. This way, it will help you think of smarter bets.

Many Ways to Win

The Chin Shi Huang Many Ways to Win features are designed to give players more opportunities to win payouts on each spin. Here are some examples:

  • Paylines: The game may have many paylines, giving players more ways to create winning combinations of symbols.
  • Cascading Reels: This feature causes symbols to fall down and potentially create new winning combinations, increasing the chances of payouts on a single spin.
  • Multipliers: Multipliers can boost payouts by multiplying the value of the winning combination by a certain amount.
  • Stacked Symbols: Stacked symbols appear on top of one another on the reels, potentially creating more opportunities for winning combinations.
  • Random Wilds: This feature adds random wild symbols to the reels, potentially creating more winning combinations.
  • Bonus Rounds: Bonus rounds allow players to win payouts through mini-games or other bonus features.

Highest RTP

The highest RTP (return to player) for this game is 97.23%, which means the game pays back 97.23 percent for every bet wagered over the long run.

Game Rules

  • The video slot machine Chin Shi Huang has four rows, six reels, and 4096 ways to win.
  • In the primary game, symbols in winning combos will burn to expose a new symbol and be checked again for more combos.
  • Payments are made when three or more of the same symbol appear in a row going from the leftmost reel to the right.
  • Winnings = Bet x Lines x Payout.

High Bonus

This game can provide different bonuses that can be won and played for free spins. High rewards include Multipliers, paylines, and more. So for the players, you will always have great opportunities in this game.

How To Play Jili Chin Shi Huang Slot

How to Play Chin Shi Huang?

When you try to play this game, you will feel like you are in their home. JILI SLOT’s main strength is that it properly combines the concept into the game.

  • Start with eight rounds and a multiplier of 1.
  • There is no prize when Gold Dragons show up. However, each Gold Dragon increases “Accumulated Rounds” by 1.
  • When your “Free Game Rounds” reach 0, “Accumulated Rounds” are transferred, and the multiplier gets a plus 1.
  • The free game ends when “Accumulated Rounds” and “Free Game Rounds” reach 0.
  • In Free Game, the payoff is calculated as Bet x Lines x Pay x Multiplier.

Reels and Paylines

Players can easily enjoy removing connections thanks to the 6Ă—4 board and 4096 paylines.

Wild Symbol

The Wild is a dragon totem symbol, which can substitute for all symbols except the Great Wall BONUS and the Scatter symbol. Wild will appear on spins of 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Scatter Symbol

When the golden dragon appears, the odds can be stacked. When 10 Scatters accumulate, the odds are as high as 100 times. The following is how the number and odds are calculated:


How to Win Chin Shi Huang Jili Slot Jackpot?

The saying “Less is more” seems to be a philosophy in contemporary life, but it can also be applied to slot machines. Chin Shi Huang slot has no beautiful symbols or animation scenes. It can have such a high level of discussion among players because it can give players a sense of accomplishment. You will see that various reward symbols appear frequently, and the feeling of constant connection is the main reason for its positive evaluation.

How to win at Chin Shi Huang?

Chin Shi Huang has a character that is good for an online slot with moderate change. JILI Games is well thought out to increase the probability of the combo. When the symbol is successfully removed, a replacement symbol will be filled, and the reward is a rematch, greatly increasing the chance of combos.

The 97.23% RTP is higher than the average level. Looking at the Jackpot, the Chin Shi Huang game is well-balanced. Players can invest in the game with a proper budget and expect the excitement of winning the Jackpot award to increase playability.

As long as the player has a good budget and the combo is coming out continuously, he should not use excessively high bets to invest frequently to avoid running out of funds as soon as possible. As long as the medium-sized chips can accept and continue to invest, we believe that players will have many good gaming experiences.

Chin Shi Huang Slot Game Paytable Chart

The Chin Shi Huang Slot Game Paytable is detailed and displays below the value of each symbol in the game and the potential Payout for creating winning combinations. 

Chin Shi Huang Wild symbolWILD appears on 2 to 5 reels only. WILD replaces all symbols except for Dragon symbols and bonus.Chin Shi Huang Bonus symbolWhen the Great Wall symbol appears on every six reels, this sign will activate the free game.
Chin Shi Huang symbol 16 X 10
5 X 3
4 X 1.5
3 X 0.5
Chin Shi Huang symbol 26 X 6
5 X 2.5
4 X 1
3 X 0.4
Chin Shi Huang symbol 36 X 4
5 X 1.5
4 X 0.5
3 X 0.24
Chin Shi Huang symbol 46 X 3
5 X 1
4 X 0.4
3 X 0.2
Chin Shi Huang symbol 56 X 2
5 X 0.8
4 X 0.3
3 X 0.1
Chin Shi Huang symbol 66 X 1.5
5 X 0.5
4 X 0.2
3 X 0.08
Chin Shi Huang symbol 76 X 1
5 X 0.4
4 X 0.14
3 X 0.04
Chin Shi Huang symbol 86 X 0.5
5 X 0.3
4 X 0.1
3 X 0.02

The paytable is a helpful reference tool for players to understand the game’s payout system and how to win big payouts potentially.


Players can play Chin Shi Huang smoothly on all mobile phones, be it Android or iOS, and PC or tablet devices. It is easy to use, and you can immediately enter the game without any payment. You can play and try the free demo on Go Perya.