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Medusa Online Slot Machine Review

Jili Medusa is one of the most well-liked slot games available on the web today. However, when it comes to online casino software, Jili Games is among the best. This slot machine has three rows, five reels, and 243 ways to win.


Medusa Gameplay

The legendary Gorgon Medusa serves as the inspiration for the game’s aesthetic. The game’s visuals and animation are stunning. Symbols on the reels include Medusa, snakes, and mythical creatures like Pegasus and Cerberus. In addition, the game’s foreboding score helps set the mood in online slots.

Medusa Gameplay

One of Jili Medusa’s defining characteristics is its cascading reels. The contributing symbols vanish after creating a successful combination, and new ones appear. Consequently, the likelihood of a player winning a single spin has increased significantly. Furthermore, during the free spins bonus, the multiplier increases by one each time a winning combination occurs. This means punters can win as much as ten times their original stake.

Get Rewarded with Exciting Free Spins

Win large by accumulating scatters of different types; free spins eliminate low-paying symbols. A unique Medusa symbol will emerge during the bonus spins to boost your payouts. Since you get to pick the game mode that suits you best, placing extra bets during free games increases the Medusa effect.

Get Rewarded with Exciting Free Spins

An additional 50% of the betting amount must be paid for other bets. With the extra bets activated:

  • Basic free games +2
  • Enhance Free games Medusa effects

Jili Medusa also has a fascinating gambling element. After a victorious spin, a player may choose to place a wager on the color or suit of a concealed card. If they make an accurate guess, their reward will be multiplied by two; if they don’t, it will be multiplied by four.

Medusa’s Slot Machine Paytable

Medusa herself is the wild symbol in Jili Medusa. The wild symbol may be used in lieu, except the scatter of any other symbol. For example, the golden shield is the scatter sign in Jili Medusa. The player is given several free games anywhere on the reels where three or more scatters appear. Players will start with 10 free spins, with the potential for additional to be awarded if they hit three or more scatter symbols throughout the bonus round. This section describes each icon in the main game and summarizes its connection to ancient Greek mythology.

Medusa’s Slot Machine Paytable

Petrified Soldiers

Two credits are awarded for two matching symbols, fifty for three, one hundred for four, and two thousand for five matching symbols on a successful payline.

Shield & Snakes

The snake depicts the hissing, writhing serpents that reside on Medusa’s head. The following rewards are achievable when one of these symbols appears on the reels numerous times during a spin: Get 20 credits for matching 3, 40 for matching 4, and 500 for matching 5.

Earrings & Winged Sandals

The gods bestowed several blessings on Perseus before he embarked on his mission to slay Medusa. Three matches of these ancient Greek mythology symbols are for 15 credits, four games are worth 20 credits, and five matches are worth 200 credits.

Medusa Logo

This is the game’s scatter symbol, and it increases your chances of winning by two for two matches, five for three, fifteen for four, and two hundred and fifty for five. In a normal game, if three or more scatter symbols show up anywhere on the reels, the Bitten Bonus is triggered, doubling the total bet for all scatter payouts.


Despite its significance in the Pegasus Bonus round, this icon pays nothing in the regular game.

Medusa’s Face

The wild symbol in this game depicts the lovely face of Medusa (with a focus on her unnaturally green eyes). Matching combinations with this symbol during the regular game does not result in rewards, but it can trigger re-spins and bonus payments.

Fundamentals of Playing Medusa’s Jili Slot 

Fundamentals of Playing Medusa_s Jili Slot
  • The player can activate anywhere from one to twenty-five different paylines on any particular spin.
  • The paytable details the numerical parameters that determine payouts.
  • If players win on a payline, their payout will be doubled by the amount wagered on that line. A win of 20 credits on a 1 payline bet would thus be worth 20.
  • Credit wins from scatters are doubled by the total bet.
  • Scatter winnings are cumulative, with payline wins determining the player’s total payout.
  • Only the highest value will be awarded if a single spin produces several wins along a single active payline.
  • The player’s total reward is the sum of their payline wins from the current spin.
  • Generally speaking, it’s best to line up profitable symbols from left to right. Scatter symbols are the lone exception; they pay out in any position.

Win Big with Minimum Bets

Win Big with Minimum Bets

All you need to do to choose a wager is click the “bet” button at the game’s footer. One bet is the smallest possible wager, while one thousand is the largest. The auto-spin feature helps you avoid clicking the spin button too many times.

Managing the Game

The screen displays not just the simulated reels but also various gaming controls. In this section, we’ll discuss the player’s options and why they matter.

Managing the Game
  • Info: You may get details about the game’s icons, payouts, paylines, and bonuses via this tab.
  • Autoplay: You may set the game to spin automatically for a predetermined amount of time. There are five to five hundred possible values.
  • Lines: Per-spin payline adjustments range from 1 to 25, with 1 being the least and 25 the highest.
  • Bet: The player’s wager per payline is modifiable. The cheapest choice is 0.02, while the most expensive is 5.
  • Spin: When you hit this digital start button, the reels begin spinning.
  • Balance: The player may see how much cash they currently have in their casino account.
  • Total Bet: Displays the player’s current wager for the next turn.
  • Win: Displays the current amount the player has won.


Medusa online slot machine offers an enchanting journey into the realm of Greek mythology. With its captivating theme, engaging gameplay, and numerous winning opportunities, it’s no wonder that this slot game has become a favorite among players. Experience the thrill of Medusa slot machine today and uncover the treasures that await you in Go Perya