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Mega Ace Jili’s Slot Machine Review

Jili Slot Games is responsible for designing and developing the famous online casino game Mega Ace Slot Machine. This slot game with a card-based theme features some creative pictures of playing cards that are utilized as symbols, some brief yet entertaining animations, and an abstract background. 

Mega Ace

Overview of the Game

The Mega Ace Slot Game has 5 reels and gives players 1024 chances to win. There are four other decks of playing cards, with the Jack, Queen, King, and Ace as the foundational symbols for each deck. Each card has a golden counterpart but can only be found on the middle three reels. 


After it is removed from the game, it will be treated as a wild card. The omitted base symbol can then be substituted with the wildcard if preferred. This indicates that it may be displayed as a little wild card or as a giant wild card replicating in another location. Additionally, it can also be presented as a copy of itself.

Mega Ace Slot Golden Cards only appear on reel #2, reel #3, reel #4and reel #5. When a Golden Card is paired with another card, it will instead transform into a Joker card. Golden Cards and regular cards share a single symbol’s status, allowing them to be matched for the same prizes.

Mega Ace Slot Machine Features

The small joker may complete any gold card straight elimination game set. After being removed, a small joker becomes a mighty huge joker. However, a huge joker randomly changes the symbols on the playing field when it is released. These innovative cards make the elimination process entertaining and active.

mega ace features

Golden Card and Joker

  • Golden Cards only appear on reel #2, reel #3, reel #4and reel #5. When a “Golden Card” is paired with another card, it will turn over and become a Joker instead.
  • You may match “Golden Cards” and regular cards for the same prizes because both types of cards are deemed to be the same symbol. Additionally, there are “Greater Jokers” and “Lesser Jokers.”
  • “Joker Cards” function similarly to wild symbols in that they can substitute for any other symbol except for scatter symbols. “Lesser Jokers” are only available when Golden Cards are successfully matched.
  • It is only possible to reveal “Greater Jokers” if you have already matched “Lesser Jokers.”
  • When there is a “Greater Joker” present, the symbols that are already on the board will randomly transform into “single Lesser Jokers,” with the quantity of these “single Lesser Jokers” being dictated by the size of the original sign.

Match Multiplier of the Game

  • In regular games, the Match Multiplier will appear as x1, x2, x3, x4, or x5. This quantity will double your total wins once you have successfully matched and earned rewards.
  • The initial attempt of each spin will always begin at x1. If you successfully ” earn a prize with the first try” of each spin, the multiplier for the second try will be increased to x2.
  • If you successfully ” earn a prize with the second try” on each spin, the multiplier for the third try will be increased to x3. 
  • If you successfully ” earn a prize with the fifth try” of each spin, the multiplier for the fifth try (and any subsequent attempts) will be increased to x5.
  • If you do not successfully acquire a reward, the multiplier will reset to x1 for the subsequent spin.

Free and Extra Bet

In the exhilarating game, collecting three scatter symbols gives players 10 free games, and each additional scatter symbol adds two more. The Match Multiplier doubles multipliers during free games. Players can win more using x2, x4, x6, x8, and x10 multipliers. The Match Multiplier doubles the multiplier in standard games, giving players more chances to win large. Players receive five extra free games after collecting three more scatter symbols throughout the free games.

Extra bets, which cost 50% of the initial stake, are available for thrill seekers. Extra Bet Mode offers a new win calculation when engaged. The initial wager times the odds determines win points. Regular games improve the Match Multiplier to x2, x3, x4, and x5. The initial spin attempt multiplier is x2, giving players a better chance of winning. Free games increase the Match Multiplier to x4, x6, x8, and x10. Thus, the initial spin attempt in free games starts at x4, increasing the thrill and excitement of possible winnings.

Mega Ace Odds Paytable Chart

The paytables for the online slot machine game Mega Ace allow players to choose from diverse winning combinations that are not unique but also exhilarating. This gives players the chance to maximize their chances of winning.

paytable chart

Game Rules

game rules
  • There are 46656 different ways that one can win a reward.
  • To win rewards and obtain a bingo, players must line up at least three symbols of the same kind in a row, beginning with the reel on the leftmost position.
  • Each time you win a reward, the corresponding symbol will “flip again,” revealing other ways to win additional prizes. When you are unsuccessful in gaining a bonus, your earned points are added together.
  • Win Points for general bets are calculated by multiplying the amount wagered by the odds.
  • Win Points for an Extra Bet = Initial Bet multiplied by the Odds.
  • If the system cannot identify the game’s outcome owing to any mistakes, the game does not count.


This is one of the most accessible gambling games you can play online. There are a lot of different themes and exciting stories. Most of the time, you have to bet small amounts. When a player gets at least three symbols in a row or a correct pattern with slots, they win the game.

Mega Ace has a 96% RTP. In a casino, it is a good RTP if it is 96% or higher.

Mega Ace slot can be played at real online casinos in the Philippines, such as Go Perya, that offer the best Jili Games. You can use PHP as money to bet.

Absolutely Yes, if you want to play it in an online game for real money. And if you win more than once. You can take your gains out right away!


In conclusion, the Mega Ace Slot Machine by Jili in Go Perya offers an exhilarating and immersive gaming experience. With the option to activate extra bets, players can elevate the stakes and increase their winnings. With its captivating gameplay and the chance to unlock additional free games, the Mega Ace Slot Machine keeps players engaged and entertained.