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Money Coming Slot Machine Review

All players have the potential to win real money when they play Money Coming in Jili’s slot machine. In addition, the Money Coming game offers a free demo version that can be played at Go Perya.

Money Coming

Overview of the Game

Jili manufactures the online casino slot machine known as the Money Coming Slot Machine. Players can earn real money when participating in Jili Money Coming Slot Games because the money coming game features a bonus multiplier that can reach a maximum of 10,000 times.

Overview of the Game

The Money Coming Slot Machine has large glistening symbols, green reels with an additional golden reel, an active wheel above the reels, and an abstract flashy backdrop artwork. The Jili Money Coming Slot Machine has a low volatility level and a maximum bonus multiplier of 10,000 times. 

There are two different kinds of Scatters for the Jili Money Coming Slot Machine, which are differentiated by the amount of money bet. You may unlock these Scatters by raising the amount of money bet. Players must put in more time to increase their chances of winning the jackpot.

Money Coming Paytable Chart

Money Coming Paytable Chart

The Money Coming slot machine features a unique representation of the operation of multiplication known as the multiplier wheel as its bonus symbol. The Money Coming game is distinct from others in that it does not require the player to be coaxed into getting three unique symbols in a row to access the accessible game mode. A different special symbol will represent each turn in this game. The rate of income is determined by the number that comes before it and is combined with the rate of multiplication.

Instructions for Playing the Money Coming Slot Machine 

playing money gaming slot machine
  • The board combination digital markings are sequenced from left to right, and each successive mark brings the player closer to gaining more points.
  • The number sequence is unaffected by the presence of blank spaces.
  • Increasing the stake size can activate additional game features and raise the maximum number of points that may be won.
  • When you win a reward in the Special Wheel game, the additional features associated with the matching symbols will be made available for the remainder of the round.
  • When the respin feature is activated, there is another chance to win the reward.
  • When you spin the Lucky Wheel, you will invariably walk away with a gift.
  • If, for any reason, during a round, there is a technical glitch that makes it impossible to determine who won, then that round is said to be invalid.

Special Wheel and Red Scatter

The front wheel doesn’t need to receive the reward for line connection. The one-of-a-kind benefit corresponding to the symbol that the Special Wheel stops on will be bestowed upon the player.

Special Wheel and Red Scatter

In this game, the total winning amount is determined by multiplying the odds of the symbol with the left side’s winnings. Unlocking a 10X multiplier is possible with a bet of 10, offering a chance to increase the payout significantly. Additionally, players have access to free respins for all the wheels on the left, providing opportunities to improve their combinations. 

Those who perform well also stand a chance to win a turn on the Lucky Wheel, introducing an extra element of excitement. Furthermore, a bet of 5 unlocks the green scatter symbol, while a bet of 50 grants access to an improved red scatter symbol, further enhancing the potential rewards. Prepare for a thrilling experience where strategic bets and fortunate spins can lead to big wins.

How To Win Money in Money Coming?

It has been shown that Money Coming possesses low volatility characteristics, and the presence of a Jackpot implies that players are required to invest more time to build up the likelihood of winning the jackpot. A single wager on Money Coming is limited to a maximum of one hundred Pesos. The vast majority of players will choose to unlock all the bonus symbols by betting a single amount of fifty pesos. This is a sound plan of action. We will only be able to use up some of the available funds easily.

How To Win Money in Money Coming

Many gamers also divulged their special trade secrets, which consisted of making many accounts to play Money Coming. They discovered that it is simpler for them to obtain incentives when they use new accounts. As a point of reference, we suggest you play through the demonstration version of the game a few more times to become accustomed to the game’s flow. Reinvest the same amount of actual money that you did before.


Currently, Go Perya offers thousands of the best online slots, and Money Coming is among them. Jili slots are connected cumulative machines. There are three jackpots, Grand Jackpot, Major Jackpot, and Mini Jackpot. 

The Lucky Wheel is a unique feature in the game that offers players a chance to win additional rewards. It is typically awarded to players who perform well or meet specific criteria during gameplay.

The green scatter symbol is unlocked with a bet of 5, while the improved red scatter symbol can be accessed with a bet of 50. These symbols offer unique advantages and increase potential winnings.


Overall, the Money Coming slot game in Go Perya is a game with a medium level of sophistication. It consists of four reels and a unique multiplier reel, each of which has the potential to multiply the number of winnings by various factors. The game contains several intriguing elements, including one that spins the wheel of fortune, resulting in additional prizes.