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Win Drop Jili’s Game Review

One of the games available at the Go Perya casino is Win Drop. The game, developed by Jili Games, features gameplay that is unlike any other and allows players to win large. The game has a variety of exciting elements, such as reels that cascade into one another, numerous winnings from a single drop, reel spins and multiplier ways, and more. Any player who enjoys playing at online casinos should give Win Drop a shot because of the game’s exciting action and the opportunity to win substantial prizes.

Win Drop

Overview of the Game 

Overview of the Game

The most significant number of balls that may be staked at Win Drop’s one-of-a-kind online casino is 100, and the base has five levels. In one round of a game, there will be a cluster of five balls, which indicates that there will be five distinct ways for participants to come out on top. One ball may let players double their bets, but the matching stakes they invest will also be immediately quintupled. This is the same as the players’ bets being invested in multiples of five, such as the following: players pick whether they want to gamble on the red or the black ball. The player’s initial wager of two dollars will amount to ten dollars because it will be multiplied by five.

Special Features and Gameplay

Special Features and Gameplay
  • Each round has at least 5 balls. It costs the player wagers x5 each time.
  • At least five balls are used in each round. Each time, it will cost the player bets multiplied by 5.
  • To obtain the relevant prize, you need to get a ball into the appropriate slot.
  • Change the amount of difficulty of winning based on the player’s preferences. This change impacts both the main board and the roulette rewards.
  • Feel free to make any necessary adjustments to the slamming plate and continue multiplying by slamming the plate!
  • Trigger round each round, and there’s a chance to win a spectacular bonus!
  • The golden ball has the potential to double your reward up to a maximum of X6 times, and the maximum possible super prize is 6000 times.

Play the Happy Roulette 

The player receives Energy each time they successfully shoot a ball. Tap the Energy symbol when you have total Energy to play a joyful Roulette game.

When playing a kind of Roulette known as “happy roulette,” the player gets the opportunity to win prizes or receive free balls as their reward. The player can’t adjust their bets if it is a free ball. Instead, the player must wait until the current round is complete before the balls begin to fall.

Play the Happy Roulette

The proportion of the wager used to determine the Energy conversion is decided by the number of bets placed when Roulette is active. Energy resets when Roulette is over.

When a player departs the game or goes offline for more than three days, their Energy is also reset.

For the player to participate in Happy Roulette, their previous wager will be subtracted from their total. If the player does not have enough money to pay the wager amount, they will not be allowed to participate in the game.

Threshold for the Multiplier

The player can alter the threshold’s position at the beginning of each new round. When you are finished, touch the start button, and the balls will begin to fall.

Threshold for the Multiplier

When a ball travels across the dividing line, the color of the ball will change. The player’s prizes are increased by a factor of x2 after one pass, x4 after two passes, and x6 after three consecutive passes.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune

Spin the Wheel of Fortune
  • Put the ball in the spin gate to start the Lucky Roulette, and if it lands in one of the pockets, you’ll be entered into a drawing for either the Lucky Jackpot or the Super Jackpot.
  • Because of the Multiplier Threshold, the ball can also have an impact similar to that of a multiplier on the roulette wheel.
  • The medium base multiplier in Lucky Jackpot is 50x, while the high base multiplier in Lucky Jackpot is 100x. Additional values accumulated are tallied independently from the basic multiplier, which has the effect of a bonus multiplier.
  • The low base multiplier in Super Jackpot is 100x, whereas the high base multiplier in Super Jackpot is 500x. The effect of the bonus multiplier is applied to the basic multiplier, and extra values are tallied independently.


Yes, Win Drop often incorporates a daily login reward system or other incentives to encourage players to engage with the game regularly. These rewards may include in-game currency, power-ups, or exclusive items that can enhance the gameplay experience.

While some games offer a reset option within their settings, it’s essential to note that not all competitions, including Win Drop, provide this feature. Before attempting to reset your progress, ensure that it’s a supported feature within the game or reach out to customer support for further assistance.

Yes, Win Drop can be enjoyed without making any in-app purchases. The game is designed to provide a complete gaming experience for free. However, remember that optional in-app purchases are available for those who wish to enhance their gameplay or progress faster.

Win Drop Jili’s Game is available on Android and iOS platforms. The game runs on any smartphone or tablet, no matter what operating system you use.


Win Drop Jili’s game is a great mobile game that captivates players with its addicting gameplay, appealing visuals, and immersive sound design. Players will be glued to their devices while playing this game. Win Drop’s at Go Perya provides an entertaining and rewarding experience for their players of all skill levels because of its well-designed levels, multiplayer capabilities, and balanced approach to monetization.