Learn How to Play Slots with Go Perya Philippines

Go Perya slots are known for their colorful graphics and exciting gameplay, making them a popular choice for players of all ages. With so many slot machines coming from different slot machine gaming providers, it’s essential to understand the basics before choosing a machine to play. Before playing slot machines, players must first understand the different types of machines available in online casinos like Go Perya, how they work, and how payouts are calculated.

Learn How to play slots

Types of Slot Machines

There are several types of slot machines available in casinos, including classic slots, video slots, and progressive slots. Each has its own set of rules, payouts, and features that make the experience more exciting. Here are the most common types of slot machines in Go Perya’s online casino games list, categorized by gameplay features and jackpot types:

Types of slot machines

Slot Machines by Gameplay Features

Online casinos offer plenty of different non-jackpot online slot machines for gamblers. While some gaming providers might not offer any jackpot slot machines, all will offer some form of non-jackpot slot machine for gamblers to play. These video slot machines will have varying gameplay features that can be used to classify each one of them into certain types. The different slot machine types are the following:

Classic Slot Machines

Classic slot machines are the simplest slot machines available in most online casinos and several gaming providers have perfected classic slots, with some of them incorporating certain features to appeal to more gamblers. Classic slots feature the following:

  • Three reels
  • One paylines
  • Flat top jackpot

Some modern classic slot machines feature two or three paylines that can be activated. Most classic slots don’t have any special features found in other slot machine types.

5 Reel Slot Machines

5 reel slot machines have five reels, as the name suggests. The additional reels allow this slot machine to have more paylines than classic slots, usually around 5 to 25 paylines.

6 and 7 reel slot machines are machines similar to 5 reel slots and are also available in most online casinos.

3D Slot Machines

3D slots are machines that are essentially the same as that other online video slots found in online casinos, except that they have 3D graphics instead of the usual 2D ones.

Bonus Slot Machines

Bonus slots are machines that feature bonus games that can be triggered after hitting a certain trigger in a spin. Bonus games can, for example, be activated when a specific combination of symbols appears after a spin, regardless if it’s free or not. Bonuses typically come in the following forms:

  • Click-me games – bonus games where players must click on items to reveal multipliers to increase a gambler’s winnings.
  • Arcade games – bonus games where players play an actual additional game integrated into the machine to try and increase a gambler’s winnings.
  • Free spins – a bonus that spins the reels for free, allowing gamblers to win more real money and potentially unlock special features, including wild and scatter symbols.

Ways-to-Win Slot Machines

Ways-to-win slot machines are slots that feature many different ways to win instead of the standard paylines. One common Ways-to-Win slot is the 243 Ways slot machine which features 243 different ways for gamblers to win. Other slots in this category include 720 Ways, 1024 Ways, and 3125 Ways slots, among others.

Jackpot Slot Machines

Online casinos typically have jackpot slots to attract high rollers to gamble with them. Jackpot slots come in both Flat Top and Progressive Jackpot slot variations, with the main difference being the amount of jackpot that gamblers can win.

Flat Top Slot Machines

Flat top slots offer a flat amount of money to become the jackpot for the particular machine. These jackpot slot machines typically offer better payback percentages than progressive jackpot slots, with the only catch being the lower payout. One example is a machine with a 1,000:1 payout that won’t change no matter the amount wagered by the gambler.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot slots are jackpot slots where the jackpot amount increases continuously as gamblers continue to play the game. The jackpot slots take a small percentage of a gambler’s wager to increase the pot until someone wins the jackpot. After someone wins the jackpot, the machine resets the amount to the minimum jackpot amount.

Casinos typically have three different types of progressive jackpot slot machines, but online casinos can only offer two types due to the nature of the machines themselves. These two are the following:

Wide-Area Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines 

Wide-area progressive jackpot slots are progressive jackpot slots where the pot increases from different gamblers playing the same machine from different online casinos. Because the same machine can be available in multiple other online casinos, the jackpot amount is quick to increase and will usually be a significant amount.

Linked Progressive Slot Machines

Linked progressive jackpot slots are different machines with a jackpot that are linked together. How much the jackpot amount increases will depend on the number of progressive jackpot slots linked together in one casino. A linked progressive slot’s jackpot is moderate compared to that of a wide-area machine’s jackpot. 

How to Play Slots detailed guide

Online slot machines are games of chance and whether or not a gambler will win largely depends on how they choose the slot machine they play, how extensive their bankrolls are, and how much they bet, especially since some special features are only unlocked when placing a substantial bet.

How to play slot games

Choose a Slot Machine

Online casinos typically feature many different slot machines, making it hard to pick which machine to play since not all of them feature the same RTP rates, volatility, paylines, and jackpot amount. It’s important to first research the following before playing:

  • Slot type
  • RTP rate
  • Volatility
  • Number of paylines or ways to win
  • Available special features
  • Unique features

Some slots pay out more frequently at the cost of having low payouts while some feature high jackpots while not being able to pay out as much. Others still feature plenty of ways to win with plenty of low payouts and a few high ones while others only feature a few paylines with slightly higher payouts.

It’s important to pick the right machine to play when aiming to win big, especially since not all machines are the same. Whenever possible, gamblers should try playing Bonus Slot machines to have access to bonus games or stick to Classic slots for more frequent payouts.

Place Your Bet

Gamblers can choose how much they want to bet per spin, with the minimum and maximum bets usually varying per machine. Lower stakes are usually safer than higher stakes, with the only problem being that gamblers can’t unlock any special features with low wagers. Higher stakes are riskier but allow gamblers to win more real money when unlocking special features.

Spin the Reels

Ensure your reels are spinning by left-clicking the “Spin” button. You can also choose to use the “Auto-Spin” feature to spin the reels a certain number of times automatically. Auto-spins can be stopped in case a gambler is already losing a lot of money. 

Tips on How to Win at Slots

Learning to play slot machines is different from learning how to win at slot machines. However, gamblers are limited when learning how to win since the game itself is dependent on RNG and the only viable slot strategies will involve choosing specific machines and limiting losses through bankroll management. Some of the top tips are the following:

Understand go perya slots

1. Study the Paytables

Some machines have similar paytables while others have different and unique ones, depending on the availability of special features like wild and scatter symbols. Study the different machines’ paytables to see which one has better paylines and ways to win.

2. Play Smaller Jackpot Machines

Smaller jackpot slots, like the flat top and linked progressive machines, have higher RTP rates compared to wide-area progressive jackpot slots. Smaller jackpots typically give gamblers better chances of winning than when playing bigger jackpot slots.

3. Stick to Classic Slots

Classic slot machines have low payouts but they pay out more frequently than other slot types. The mechanics are also simple enough for beginners to understand the game and get started on them while also having a high enough RTP to make playing it rewarding, even if the payouts are low. Gamblers with small budgets will find that these slot machines are perfect for them.

4. Look for Slots with Bonus Rounds

Bonus slots feature bonus games where gamblers can unlock multipliers and free spins. It’s ideal to keep an eye out for these games when gamblers have a rather sizable bankroll to increase their winnings through the bonus rounds. Playing bonus slots can be the difference between winning real money and losing frequently.

5. Stick to the Bankroll

Sticking to a bankroll means setting up win/loss limits and sticking to them to limit one’s losses and allow them to stop playing while they’re ahead. It’s also important not to go beyond the bankroll to keep gamblers from losing big.

6. Wager the Maximum Amount on Progressive Jackpot Slots

Gamblers can only win the jackpot when they bet the maximum amount. High risk, high reward. Staking low may be the safest option, but this doesn’t allow gamblers to win big.


Slot machines are easy to play, and their basic mechanics are simple. Gamblers only need to set their bet amount and spin the reels. The basic parts are the following:

  • Reels
  • Paylines/ways to win
  • Symbols
  • Payouts
  • Volatility/Variance

More complex slots will feature more symbols, including ones with special features, have more reels than the classic slot’s three, more paylines and ways to win, jackpots, and more.

Besides bankroll management and choosing the right slot machine, there is no strategy for winning slots. The safest yet least profitable way to play is by staking low on classic slots.

Filipino gamblers can play different slot machines, including JILI slot machines, by registering in an online casino. We have a guide on how to register in Go Perya that you can read to learn how to register with us and play our slot machines, including JILI, PG, and KA slot machines.

No. All Go Perya gaming providers are fair and reputable so there’s no way for Go Perya slot machines to be rigged. Some machines have inherently high RTPs while others don’t, so it’s important to first check which machine to play. Some machines just pay out more and have better paylines.


Go Perya’s slot machines are fairly easy to understand, especially when gamblers know the basics. Studying the paytables and how many paylines there are can help gamblers choose which machine to play. Gamblers should consider starting off with classic slots and then testing out bonus slots, high rollers should stick to progressive jackpot slots more. Go Perya offers plenty of different slot machines for gamblers to play. Register at Go Perya today and place a deposit to start browsing our list of slots and pick one to play.

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