Why Play JDB Slots?

Online slot machines are popular online casino games, just like how popular traditional slots are at land-based casinos. Online casinos have the advantage of being able to accommodate multiple players in one machine and offer far more slot titles when powered by multiple software providers, including JDB Gaming. Registering in an online casino in the Philippines like Go Perya will allow players to play JDB slots and other games from different providers.


Why JDB Gaming?

This gaming is a well-known software provider in Asia and started out as JDB168 in 2010. This gaming follows its JDB principle, or “Just Do the Best,” to ensure that it only develops the best games for its customers in Asia and the US. This provider also won the “Best B2B Digital Platform Software Solution” award in 2017, which means that they aren’t all talk when they say that they’re doing their best.

why jdb gaming

Most of JDB Gaming’s lineup of slot titles have a classical look while still having plenty of features that help gamblers win big and high RTP. Several JDB slots include three reel single payline machines with special features, 3×3 reel five payline slots, and five reels 243 ways slots.

Examples of JDB Slot Machines

Browsing the gaming’s list of online slots includes the following:

Examples of JDB Slot Machines

Birds Party Deluxe

This is an elimination online slot machine that uses bird symbols that are reminiscent of Angry Birds. This JDB slot machine is divided into three levels and starts out as a 4×4 machine that can level up into a 5×5 and then a 6×6 machine when they accumulate 15 stage-clear symbols per level. When gamblers get 15 stage-clear symbols at level 3, they return to level 1. Because this machine is an elimination slot, matching at least four characters in level 1 results in the matching symbols getting removed and more symbols dropping. Each spin replaces the previous symbols, and each level increases the number of required characters to match by one.

Birds Party Deluxe features a four-leaf clover symbol that functions as a multiplier. Matching the multiplier symbols once unlocks the x2 multiplier for that round, and matching it a second and third time unlocks the x3 and x4 multipliers. The x5 and x10 multipliers are only available in levels 2 and 3 of the machine, respectively, and are opened the same way as the other multipliers.

Moneybags Man 2

This is an online slot machine with a theme based on luxury items. This slot machine is a 5 reel 243 ways to win slot that features Wilds and Scatters that unlock five free spin bonuses that gamblers can choose from, which are the following:

  • Twelve free spins with a multiplier that starts at x1 and increases by 1 per spin and has a maximum limit of 50 free spins
  • Eight free spins with a multiplier that starts at x2 and increases by 2 per spin and has a maximum limit of 24 free spins
  • Five free spins with a multiplier that starts at x5 and increases by 5 per spin and has a maximum limit of 15 free spins
  • Three free spins with a multiplier that starts at x12 and increases by 12 per spin and has a maximum limit of 9 free spins
  • One free spin with a multiplier at x50 and a maximum limit of 3 free game spins

Big Three Dragons

This is an online slot machine that uses Chinese symbols. This slot machine is a 3 reels single payline machine with a 4th bonus reel with symbols that function as the following:

  • X2, x5, x10 multipliers
  • Pay extra real money
  • 1-5 free respins at random

Big Three Dragons is a very simple slot machine with very little to keep in mind of regarding payouts. Gamblers won’t be confused why they’re winning or not and hitting a symbol on the 4th reel after winning in the main reels is a welcome experience for most gamblers.


You can play JDB slot machines when you register at Go Perya. JDB slots are accessible through the “Casino” section.

Yes. JDB Gaming’s slot titles are legitimate, but there are risks of encountering fake JDB sites and games operated by casino cybercriminals. You can rest assured that you’re playing legitimate games through Go Perya.

Birds Party Deluxe is arguably the best JDB slot when considering the max win of x40000 and several features including the fact that this is an elimination slot that gives more chances of getting higher payouts through matching symbols and getting multipliers.


JDB slots are developed by a popular software provider that’s well-known for its simplistic yet high-quality games. The slots’ modern features ensure that gamblers won’t get bored with the classical games and that they can win big while playing.

It’s possible to play JDB slot machines through Go Perya securely. Register at Go Perya today and browse its extensive list of JDB slot titles, alongside titles from other providers.