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Jili Slots: Your Ultimate Source of Thrilling Slot Games

Slot machines are popular casino games frequented in both land-based and online casinos. Traditional casinos will have a limited number of slot machines available, depending on the space available on the casino floor. Online casinos will be able to offer more online slots for gamblers as long as they’re powered by many gaming providers, like JILI. Because of this, gamblers will be able to play JILI slots when they register with Go Perya.

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Why play Jili slots?

JILI is a popular gaming provider that develops JILI slots, fishing, and card games for online casinos. It is dedicated to creating the best original games while pursuing excellence and its development team’s 20 years of experience in developing unique games. Its target market is the iGaming scene in Asia, primarily Hong Kong and Indonesia, but is also aiming to expand its reach beyond Asia.

Why play jili slots

Some of the most notable features present in all JILI slots include their engaging themes, immersive soundtrack per machine, high-definition animations, and HTML5 games for mobile devices. JILI is dedicated to creating some of the best games that online casinos can offer for their customers.

Examples of JILI Slot Machines

Browsing JILI’s list of slot machines allows them to play several of the platform’s best titles, including the following:

Top Jili slot machines

Roma X

This is an online slot machine with a female warrior fighting a lion as the theme. This JILI slot machine features 15 paylines, a free game, and a bonus game. Clearing paylines 4, 5, 6, and 7 unlocks 3, 5, 10, and 20 free games respectively. In the free spins, gamblers can win more free spins when they clear specific paylines.

When three BONUS icons appear on one of the paylines, a bonus game is triggered where the player will control the fighter and fight the lion. In the bonus game, the player can either attack the lion or defend from the lion’s attacks. Whenever the player receives damage, 1 stamina is deducted. The game will end when the stamina goes down to 0. The payouts per action are the following:

  • Dual swords – 1:20
  • Single sword – 1:10
  • Lion – 1:3

Night City

This is an online slot machine with a Shanghai night story theme. This JILI slot is a 5 reel 243 ways to win slot that features Special Wilds that expand and free games unlocked via Scatter symbols.

The Special Wild symbol only appears on the first three reels and expands vertically and horizontally to turn the symbols next to it into Special Wilds; the Special Wilds appearing after the initial expansion does not expand. Like how Wild symbols don’t substitute symbols for Scatter and Special Wild symbols, Special Wilds do not substitute for Wild and Scatter symbols.

Night City free game comes in the form of at least 10 free spins. The number of free spins unlocked is as follows:

  • 5 Scatters – number of Scatters x 1 + 1 per round = 10 free spins.
  • 6 Scatters – number of Scatters x 2 + 2 per round = 24 free spins.
  • 7 Scatters – number of Scatters x 3 + 3 per round = 42 free spins.

The free game has an upper limit of 50 spins since free spins can accumulate during the free game when more free spins are unlocked.

Crazy 777

This is a unique online slot machine developed by JILI Games which is inspired by classic slot machines. This machine is a 3-reel machine with an additional special reel located to the right with only one payline. The special reel provides users with extra bonuses based on the symbols of the winning combination in the standard reels. The different symbols in the special reel are the following:

  • 10x, 5x, 2x multipliers – multiplies winnings by the corresponding multiplier.
  • $$+, $+ – increases winnings according to the amount of the bet, and the amount is displayed above the special reel.
  • Respin – randomly get 1 to 5 respins.

Besides the special reel, the machine also features special symbols on the classic reels, which are the 777 symbols. These symbols come in three variations:

  • 7 = Bet/3 x 100
  • 77 = Bet/3 x 200
  • 777 = Bet/3 x 1000

The payout when a combination of the different “7” symbols appears is Bet/3 x 40. Both the special symbols and the special reel make this classic slot machine profitable and allows gamblers to win big.


You can play JILI slot machines when you register at Go Perya. JILI slots are accessible through the “Casino” section.

Yes. JILI games are legitimate and the provider itself is well-known in the iGaming industry. Go Perya’s JILI slots are legitimate games developed by JILI.

Crazy777. This game is inspired by Classic slots that feature special symbols and an additional special reel to increase a gambler’s payout when they get lucky.


JILI slots are provided by a top software provider in the form of JILI. This provider is well-known in Asia and is expanding outwards and offering more unique games that attract a lot of new gamblers with high payouts and attractive themes. Playing JILI slots is easy when registering with Go Perya since the games can easily be accessed by going to the “Casino” section. It is even easier to do so when playing through the Go Perya mobile application. Register today and start playing JILI slots.