Best Play Methods to Play and Win at Live Poker

One of the most played table games online right now is poker. There are countless fascinating ways to play poker, with options like Texas Hold’Em, Caribbean Stud, and a variety of 3-card and 5-card play types. There are many various methods to play, which leads to an enormous variety of techniques, some of which are more specialized than others.

Play live poker at go perya

To maximize your 3-card and 5-card play, we’ve chosen the best Live Poker methods available. Check out our How to Play Poker for more information and to make the most of your chosen methods if you want to become a poker pro in a matter of minutes.

Brief Review of Live Poker Rules

Here’s a quick review of how to play Live Poker for both traditional 3-card and 5-card Poker before diving into the best techniques for the game.

The Rules of Live Poker 3-Card 

  • Start by placing your Ante wager.
  • The player and dealer will each receive three cards from the dealer.
  • If you want to use three cards, you must place an extra wager on Play.
  • If you choose not to participate, you must Fold, and the game is over.
  • The two 3-card hands are compared to one another after the dealer draws three cards for themselves.
  • The team with the best three-card combination wins.

The same rules apply to 5-card poker, except the best 5-card combination wins the hand. The Royal Flush, the greatest hand in 5-card poker, consists of a 10, J, Q, K, and A of the same suit and is one of the new winning hands in this game.

We provide Poker Hand values to get you up to speed if you need a refresher on poker card values or advice on how to maximize your poker play.

Live Poker Strategies: Beginner’s Informative Guide 

Here are the best tactics for today’s live casino poker tables. Keep in mind that no approach is foolproof and that the card draw will also have an impact on your success percentage. Utilize these tactics as a guide, but do not count on winning every time.

Best live poker strategies

High Card Honcho

This tactic emphasizes the importance of card values as the key component of the game. Concentrate on 10-A hands with high-valued cards and execute wagers using those high cards.

The wisest course of action in any round where you are dealt non-pair low numbers is to fold the round because placing more bets behind a low-valued hand increases the likelihood that the dealer will beat you.

Pairs Make Perfection

Pairs are king in poker, and this approach is entirely centered around them. Pay attention to pushing pairs-containing hands and folding hands that depend on high-card wins. A pair of 2s still outperforms a high card Ace and has the potential to choose a winner and a loser.

Martingale/Reverse Martingale in Poker

One of the most well-liked roulette tactics is the Martingale, which may also be used in live poker. Simply put, increase your bet amount by two for every hand you lose, and keep doing so until you win the round. Reduce the bet level after a win until the following loss, then repeat. With this tactic, any values that are dropped are made up for by the winning values in the subsequent round. This approach focuses on maintaining the initial stake value throughout each round and avoiding raises.

Selective Play

As the main tactic, this strategy relies mostly on using high cards and pairings. Each round, concentrate mostly on high cards and high card pairs. Raise or fold when the hand values seem strong or weak. Avoid taking chances with weak hands or high card hands that don’t include face cards (J, Q, K, A). This approach is particularly adaptable to your style of play and places more emphasis on the strength of each hand than it does on any set, inflexible structure.

Stakes Bonanza

There are more ways to win in live poker than beating the dealer, as several poker variants provide distinctive side bets. Try out several Live Poker variants, such as Caribbean Stud Poker, Side Bet City, or Teen Patti, and explore fresh opportunities to succeed. Concentrate primarily on side bets because they may offer greater potential rewards than a winning hand or may have winning conditions that can be satisfied by both the player’s and dealer’s hands.

Live Poker Tournament Strategy

Poker tournaments have a setup that is nearly entirely different from cash games. Players are given a starting stack of chips in tournaments that, in most situations, can only be reduced by winning pots. Players are always welcome to add more chips in cash games. Because players do not want to break out of a tournament early, they become much more passive and overly cautious of their stack, which changes how tournaments are played.

Strategy for Live poker tournament

Yet, many of the rules that apply to cash games in terms of the game’s dynamics also apply to tournaments. It directly applies all of the aforementioned poker advice. To play solid poker tournament strategy, however, other ideas, such as push-fold scenarios, must be taught.

Considering the game in terms of big blinds rather than chip count is one of the game’s most crucial ideas. A 25,000 chip stack (125 large blinds) at the beginning of a tournament, for instance, when the blinds are 100/200, is quite respectable. A 25,000 chip stack, on the other hand, is only 12.5 large blinds when the blinds are 1,000/2,000. It is crucial to keep in mind that the blinds gradually expand.

Live poker tactics against various player types

There are particular strategies for playing against each of the various sorts of poker players you will come across. We’ll go through some of these tactics and poker advice that can help you play better and win more often.

Live poker tactics

Extremely Tight

At online poker tables, highly tight players are among the rarest types of participants. They usually only engage in play with the top 10% of opening hands and do not mind holding out for pocket aces, kings, and queens. The ideal strategy for playing against players of this type is typically over-fold to any indication of aggression. These players only risk their stack with exceptional strength because they are so careful with it.

Tight and hostile

The most frequent form of online poker player is a tight-aggressive player or TAG. In addition, on average, these players are the best. They play more hands than the highly tight players do, but they are not quite as loose as other player types we shall discuss this in a moment. When they have a hand, they are tight, but when they don’t, they are incredibly aggressive. This kind of player can only succeed if they are aware of when they are betting for value and when they are bluffing.

Passive Tight

Possibly the worst players overall are tight, passive players. As they hardly ever raise, they are the simplest to take advantage of. They frequently provide their rivals the opportunity to realize their equity since they frequently let them see a cheap turn and river. By using your bluffs more aggressively than you normally would, you can defeat this player type. With little risk, they will call you down with a weaker hand, you should try to get as much money out of your value hands as you can.

Openly aggressive

The greatest degree of variation in terms of individual player skill exists among loose-aggressive players or LAGs. Some LAGs are extremely good, but others frequently hand the advantage to the rival players. Letting them keep betting on you when you have a strong hand is the ideal strategy for playing against loose-aggressive players. Keep your bluffs to yourself because they’ll probably keep betting with everything they have. To try and maximize value, spring the trap with a significant rise when the time comes.


A live dealer is used in Evolution’s live casino poker games to deal cards, announce outcomes, and engage in live chat during any round. In the chat window on the side of the screen, you can talk to them whenever you like.

Poker is mostly a skill-based game because well-developed techniques can improve your odds of making wise decisions and maximizing your hand.

Caribbean Stud Poker has the highest RTP of any poker variation, at 98.84%. Based on the prolonged play, the average player return is 9.88 PHP for every 10 PHP wagered.

Focusing on pairs while playing live poker is the best course of action. Maximizing your possible pairings on each hand is crucial for success since even low-carb couples can trump a high-card, Ace.


The best poker players take advantage of these techniques to win. Occasionally players may use them in the middle of a game to change tactics and turn the entire thing upside down. Several players choose the aforementioned tactics in order to survive the lengthy intervals. You too can accomplish it!