Online Sabong Tips: Your Ultimate Guide to Winning Big at E-Sabong

Sabong is a popular blood sport that’s deeply ingrained in Filipino culture and is frequented by many Filipinos, rich and poor. Placing bets on sabong matches is more or less the norm during matches and is usually the main reason why cockfights take place in the first place. Breeders and gamefowl owners typically compete and place bets on their roosters.

Online sabong tips to win

Today, betting aficionados can place bets on sabong matches online by registering in online casinos or online sabong sites like Go Perya. The experience is more or less the same as that of betting live in cockpits and the matches still have their respective favorites or Llamados and underdogs or Dejados. The only goal is to predict whether the Llamado or Dejado will win or if a draw will occur. Placing bets is easy, but winning is hard, so it’s important that bettors have an idea of how they can win online sabong.

How to Win in Online Sabong?

Sabong is more than just the fight. Sabong bettors also need to look into the Ulatan and Ruweda to understand the participating roosters more and get an idea of which one will win. However, it can still be difficult to accurately predict which rooster will win even after knowing which roosters are the favorite and the underdog.

How to win in online sabong

Sabong bettors can either opt to take their chances and place a bet at random or follow some tips to improve their chances of winning.

Tips to Win in Online Sabong

Tips to win online sabong

Base the Bet on the Breed

Not all gamefowls are the same and certain breeds are naturally better at fights than others. Some breeders might be experimenting with making a perfect breed for battles while other competitors might already be pitting a strong breed they developed and these can mean the difference between a win and a loss.

If a Sweater is pitted against a weaker breed, then the Sweater is the best bet to win a fight. Being knowledgeable about the different sabong breeds can be difficult, but we can help through our guide on the top sabong breeds for cockfighting.

Follow the Trend

One advantage of betting on sabong online is having easy access to the trends section where they’ll see the past outcomes of all the matches held during the day. Gamblers will see the trends section where they’ll see different-colored circles. The different-colored circles mean the following:

  • Red – Meron/win
  • Blue – Wala/loss
  • Yellow/Green – Draw

A good rule of thumb is to stick to the trends and bet accordingly.

Check How Good a Rooster’s Form is

During the Ruweda, the audience can check on the condition of the participating roosters. During this time, bettors need to take a close look at each rooster to see which one is better at flying, jumping, and using their beaks.

The Ruweda is also a good time to check whether a rooster is healthy or not. Gamefowls with shiny feathers are usually well-fed and are well-taken care of by their owners. Weathered roosters may either be in poor condition or have already gone through plenty of battles and are already showing their age and might no longer be fit for competitive matches.

Keep the Roosters’ Statistics in Mind

Announcers will always announce the statistics of the competing gamefowls. The things they’ll announce are the following:

  • The number of wins.
  • The number of losses.
  • The number of draws.
  • Current weight.

All of these are useful information to help gamblers decide which one to place a bet on. Roosters with a lot of wins are more likely to win than those with a lot of losses and healthy roosters of certain breeds will naturally weigh the normal weight for their breed. It’s best to assess these statistics to help make better decisions on which rooster to bet on.

Back the Favorite or Llamado

Backing the favorites is always a valid strategy to try and win a bet since the favorites always have the highest chance of winning a match. The favorites are always the safest bet but aren’t as profitable as betting on the underdog or Dejado.

Leave it to Chance

Casual bettors who can’t be bothered to closely monitor the roosters can leave it all to chance and pick meron or Wala without giving things any thought. The odds are usually close enough that either result will likely occur so bettors will practically have a 50:50 chance of winning, especially since draws happen infrequently.

Still, an occasional draw bet won’t hurt a bettor’s bankroll when they don’t stake high, especially since the odds are high enough that a lucky winner can turn a bet into big winnings.

Online Sabong Tips FAQs

Take a close look at the two roosters during the Ruweda and keep a close eye on them and gauge which one is the better rooster. You should also consider learning about the different rooster breeds used in sabong matches through our guide on some of the top breeds.

You can simply place bets on meron when it’s obvious that it’s the favorite. You can check which one has the lower odds since it’s a clear sign that it’s the favorite rooster to win. Some betting platforms don’t treat meron and Wala as favorite and underdog, so the Wala bet might have lower odds and be considered as the favorite.

You can follow the trend and place meron bets when the number of winning meron bets is high. You can also opt to place Wala bets when the number of winning Wala bets is high.


Sabong betting is enjoyable for many bettors, but winning is a different matter entirely. It can be hard to win sabong bets when bettors aren’t knowledgeable on which rooster is more likely to win, but following the tips above can help people make better decisions on how to place their bets.

Sabong aficionados can research on the best sabong breeds and keep an eye on whether certain breeds will take part in a day’s matches and only place their bets on the strong ones or keep a rooster’s stats in mind. Casual bettors can either simply follow the trend or stick to their favorite when placing bets.

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