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Go Perya Sabong is a popular blood sport that gamblers have played for several centuries. This involves pitting two roosters outfitted with sharp blades on their legs in a pit and spectators betting on which one will win in the fight. Breeders breed and train roosters for fighting and ensure that they’re fit for fights and that they can win matches instead of immediately losing for one reason or another. Go Perya Sabong matches are usually hosted when there are local festivities in a town but there are also cockpits that hold matches even if there are no festivities to place bets locally and online sabong live.

Go Perya Online Sabong game

This sport is illegal in many countries due to its violent nature, but Filipino gamblers can go to licensed local cockpits and go to sites like Go Perya to start placing bets on cockfights. Bettors can have access to multiple cockpits when placing bets through online sabong websites like Go Perya sabong.

How Does Online Sabong Work?

Sabong bettors can place online sabong bets by going to Go Perya, registering, and then placing a deposit. Learning how to play e-sabong itself is easy since the fights themselves only take place in three stages, which are the ulatan, ruweda, and the sabong fight.

Understand how online sabong works


Also known as the pre-fight or faceoff, this is where roosters are paired up based on their characteristics, including their height, weight, size, and wingspan. Roosters must be similar in all the attributes to have fair contests and keep one gamecock from gaining an unfair advantage.

The owners of the paired-up cocks also discuss the blades they’ll attach to the legs. The blades come in different sizes and variations, including single and double-edged blades. The equipment attached to the roosters will depend on the agreements made by both gamecock owners.


The gamecocks are primed for entry during the ruweda. The owners hold their roosters in the ring to let fans and bettors see their temperaments which can help give them enough information to make informed decisions on which cock to bet on. The announcer also declares the terms of the fight and the referee stands by to monitor the fight and to get ready to announce the winner when the sabong match starts.

It is also during the ruweda when the kristo starts taking wagers from the crowd. They usually keep the terms and payouts in memory or use ledgers to note down the bets and payouts. Online sabong bettors can use this time to check the roosters and place their own live online sabong bets before the match starts.


Once all the match’s terms are set and the bets take, the roosters are dropped in the ring. The birds then peck with their beaks or slash each other with their blades. The fight ends when one bird dies or when the referee calls the fight over because there is already a clear winner. No appeals are allowed and the referee has the final say on which bird wins.

If the losing bird survives, there is a chance that it is killed later due to the injuries it sustained during the match. The winning bird can also receive terminal injuries that affect whether it can fight in the future or not.

Top Online Sabong Live Platform

Sabong bettors can start betting and watching online sabong live fight videos by registering at Go Perya. It is also possible to play through Sabong International, SW418, and Pitmasters Live.

Top Online Sabong in the philippines

Go Perya sabong

Go Perya is an online sabong platform where bettors can register to place live sabong bets. The platform also accommodates other gamblers thanks to its suite of online casino games, including baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker, tongits, color game, monopoly, and more.

Sabong International Live

Sabong International is an online sabong website in the Philippines. This platform grew during the COVID-19 pandemic as vloggers and streamers discovered the platform and showcased it to their viewers. It continued growing and it now also offers other betting options, including Spider Fight, Coin Master Game, Color Fun Game, and Hi-Lo.

SW418 Live Sabong is an online sabong site that is the preferred betting platform for many Filipino gamblers. It also allows users to place e-sabong bets on other cockfights happening worldwide.

Pitmasters Live

Pitmasters was an online sabong website that was frequented by many Filipino sabong bettors until it voluntarily halted its e-sabong operations after then-president Duterte ordered shutting down all e-sabong operations.

Betting on Live Sabong Online vs on Local Cockpit Matches

Betting on online sabong matches is possible by registering in either an e-sabong site or an online casino offering sabong matches as one of its betting options. Through these platforms, gamblers can take advantage of a built-in wallet system to deposit real money they can use to play and withdraw winnings and bonus money. Additionally, gamblers will have access to different sabong matches, depending on the sabong providers available on the site.

Online Sabong vs Local Cockpit

Betting in local cockpits lets gamblers experience what it’s like to have a front-row seat in a cockfight. Sabong bettors will need to wait for the ruweda to see the roosters and wait for the kristo to give their bets. Once the fight ends, gamblers will be handed their winnings.

The difference between betting online and through local cockpits lies mainly in the experience and how easy it is to place bets. The advantage of betting live through an online sabong site like Go Perya is that they won’t have to worry about how much they want to bet since sabong sites allow for low minimum bets and high maximums. Also, gamblers can watch and bet on other matches if the site offers multiple sabong matches.

Is Live Online Sabong Legal in the Philippines?

Live online sabong betting is regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, or PAGCOR. After the suspension of all e-sabong operations in the Philippines on May 3, 2022, President Marcos ordered a continued suspension of the activity in late December 2022. As of January 30, 2023, the Philippine National Police recommended tagging e-sabong activities as illegal gambling activity under the country’s anti-illegal gambling law. This only covers online sabong and not traditional authorized or licensed sabong fights.

Live Sabong legality

Live sabong matches can still be accessed in the Philippines through offshore platforms. The PNP, DICT, and NTC have been visible in running after e-sabong operators and not the bettors themselves, so sabong bettors can continue placing bets through offshore platforms, although it is recommended to use a VPN.


Online sabong, or e-sabong, is the online version of a sabong match where people can watch matches and place bets. Online sabong operators livestream an actual match held in a cockpit and host it on their platform.

You can play online sabong through sabong sites like Go Perya Sabong or their mobile apps like the Go Perya App.

You can watch online sabong matches at the same place where you can place bets. You can bet on live matches instead of placing pre-match bets through Go Perya.

Online sabong is possible thanks to cockpit operators hiring professional camera operators to film and stream a live match held in their cockpits to a betting platform. This allows bettors from anywhere to watch a match and place a bet before the fight starts. Instead of waiting for a Kristo to hand over the bet, gamblers can place a bet when they are prompted to do so.

Yes. You can play online sabong on PC when going to an online sabong site or online casino that offers sabong matches. Go Perya is accessible through both our mobile application and official website.

Yes. Sabong, or cockfighting, can be considered a tradition as it is a sport that’s regularly held during festivals and it has been this way for around 6,000 years. This blood sport is a 6,000-year-old tradition that shows no sign of going away as it is already deeply ingrained in the Philippines’ culture.


Live online sabong is a popular blood sport that people can bet on live through an online betting site or casino. The experience of betting through Go Perya Sabong is similar to that of betting through a local cockpit while providing more flexibility in the amount of bet that a bettor can place. Additionally, betting life online allows bettors to pick and choose from many different matches, as long as the site has plenty of sabong betting providers live streaming their matches.

Go Perya sabong is an excellent live online sabong platform that bettors can frequent to place bets on different matches.