Enjoy Go Perya Promos and Exclusive Bonuses

Gaming in online casinos like Go Perya allows gamblers to take advantage of Go Perya promo and bonuses to potentially win more real money instead of the small amount they win from casual gaming. Online casino bonuses and promotions have the potential to help gamblers win more real money down the line as long as they follow the terms and conditions, claim the bonus through live chat, and fulfill the rollover requirements to be able to use the bonus money.

Go perya promo and exclusive offers

The different online casino bonuses and promotions that gamblers can enjoy through Go Perya are the following:

First Deposit and Welcome Bonus

Go Perya’s first deposit bonus is a one-time use 100% casino bonus where the credited bonus money will be dependent on the first deposit made by the gambler. Go Perya calculates the bonus money based on the amount of the first deposit. 

Go Perya First deposit bonus

To qualify for the Go Perya first deposit bonus, gamblers must make a minimum deposit of PHP500 to take advantage of the 100% bonus with a maximum bonus of PHP5000. The turnover requirement of this bet is “Bonus x 15” so gamblers must wager the amount of their bonus money 15 times to be able to withdraw any real money they win as a result of the bonus. The calculation appears as follows:

  • First Deposit turnover (1st deposit x 1) = 1000 x 1 = 1000
  • Bonus turnover (Bonus x 15) = 1000 x 15 = 15000
  • Total turnover (First deposit turnover + bonus turnover) = 1000 + 15000 = 16000

Depositing PHP1000 as the first deposit allows the gambler to get bonus money amounting to PHP1000. Betting PHP1000 15 times allows the gambler to withdraw any money won using the bonus money, so gamblers will need to wager a total of PHP15000 before they can withdraw.

The first deposit bonus is exclusive to new players and any old players who have yet to place a deposit. Gamblers can use this bonus in most of Go Perya’s games, with the exception of live sabong betting options.

Daily Deposit Bonus

Go Perya’s daily deposit bonus is a daily bonus with a fixed amount of bonus money per bet range. The minimum deposit amount is PHP300 and the minimum bonus is PHP38 while the maximum bonus is PHP8888 with a turnover requirement of “Bonux x 3.” The table below shows how much bonus money gamblers will get per deposit amount.

Daily bonus for go perya player
Deposit AmountBonus MoneyTurnover Requirement
≥30038Bonus x 3

Based on the table above, a sample calculation will appear as the following:

  • Deposit turnover (1st deposit x 1) = 1000 x 1 = 1000
  • Bonus turnover (Bonus x 3) = 98 x 3 = 294
  • Total turnover (Deposit turnover + bonus turnover) = 1000 + 294 = 1294

Unlike the first deposit bonus, gamblers can repeatedly use this bonus as long as they make daily deposits and meet the rollover requirements. After fulfilling the requirements, gamblers will be able to withdraw their winnings from using the bonus. The lower bonus money and turnover requirement make this a more accessible casino bonus.

Gamblers can use this daily deposit bonus in most of Go Perya’s games, with the exception of live sabong betting options.

Rescue Bonus

Go Perya’s rescue bonus is a bonus that’s useful to help gamblers reclaim a portion of their losses from the previous day. Gamblers will only be able to enjoy the bonus to claim bonus money from yesterday’s losses when they make a PHP500 minimum deposit.

Yesterday’s LossesBonus MoneyTurnover Requirement
10030Bonus x 1

Based on the table above, when a gambler lost PHP5000 while playing casino games, except live sabong, they can apply for the rescue bonus the next day when they make a PHP500 deposit and bet PHP580 once to claim the bonus money.

T1 Games Win & Get

One gaming provider, BGSoft, provides T1 games to Go Perya which are covered by one of Go Perya’s bonuses. The bonus is straightforward and the amount of bonus money that can be claimed is dependent on how much the gambler won in the game on the previous day.

Go Perya T1 offering
Yesterday’s WinningsBonus MoneyTurnover Requirement
10030Bonus x 2

Based on the table above, when a gambler wins PHP5000 while playing T1 games, they can apply for the bonus the next day when they make a PHP500 deposit and bet PHP1000 twice to claim the bonus money.

The T1 Games bonus is exclusive to T1 games, including TOWER, TRIPLE, KENO, DICE, COIN, CRYPTO, PLINKO, DOUBLE, HILO, MINE, LIMBO, and CRASH.

VIP Club

Many online casinos incentivize placing large deposits by allowing the gambler to join a VIP program or club and benefit from more bonuses that ordinary members won’t have access to. Simply put, being a VIP member gives you more chances of winning real money through free bets, better bonuses, or simply more bonuses.

Go perya Vip incentive

Go Perya features a VIP club that incentivizes gamblers to place large deposits to claim more bonuses exclusive to VIPs. Higher VIP levels will have higher bonuses compared to that of lower levels. Gamblers will need to accumulate a total amount of deposits to achieve a certain VIP level and accumulate a certain total amount to maintain a ranking.

VIP LevelAccumulated depositAccumulated effectiveEffective of relegationLevel up bonusBirthday bonusMonthly bonus

Gamblers will need to constantly deposit real money and accumulate a total of PHP150000 in deposits within two months to level up from Normal to Warrior. They will also need to do the same to maintain their rankings and accumulating the total deposit amount of the next rank will allow the gambler to level up.

Common Go Perya Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions

Casino bonuses have certain terms and conditions that gamblers must follow to qualify for the bonus. Some of the common terms and conditions are the following:

  • Bonus claims – gamblers must contact the casino through live chat to claim a bonus before placing bets
  • Turnover requirements – the total number of times a gambler needs to place a bet to withdraw the bonus money
  • Minimum deposit – the minimum amount a gambler needs to deposit to qualify for a bonus
  • Validity – the time period when the bonus remains active for the gambler to meet the turnover requirement until the bonus expires
  • Player type – certain bonuses can only be accessed by specific players, including the first deposit bonus that is exclusive to first-time bettors and birthday bonuses that are exclusive to VIPs
  • Number of accounts – a gambler can only have one account and Go Perya reserves the right to terminate an account and permanently freeze a gambler’s funds when they detect that one player has set up multiple accounts
  • Number of active bonuses – Go Perya bonuses can only be activated one at a time and cannot be stacked


The best Philippine casino bonus is the right bonus for your betting style with a relatively light turnover requirement to be able to withdraw the money sooner. If you’re a slot player, the best bonus is an online casino free spins bonus. If you gamble frequently, being part of a VIP club to take advantage of more bonuses is ideal.

The best bonus is subjective and largely depends on who the gambler is. If the gambler is a casual casino gamer, the first and daily deposit bonuses will be good for them. The T1 bonus may be a good alternative when gamblers prefer BGSoft’s games. High rollers should opt for VIP club-exclusive bonuses.

Baccarat is a relatively simple game to learn, with only three types of bets to choose from. However, it’s important to understand the rules and odds of the game before playing.

No. Most online casinos, including Go Perya, reserve the right to terminate an account and freeze the funds when they detect that a gambler created multiple accounts.

Yes. Go Perya bonuses allow gamblers to win more real money if they get lucky and fulfill turnover requirements.

You might not be able to use a bonus when you violate terms and conditions, fail to meet turnover requirements, or when you’re unfortunate enough to encounter a technical issue. Contact customer support if you’re having difficulty using a casino bonus.

You must first fulfill the turnover requirements to then be able to withdraw the money. Transfer the funds first to the central wallet then withdraw the funds normally and provide your transaction password. If you encounter problems somewhere down the line, contact customer support.


Using casino bonuses allows gamblers to win more real money by getting bonus money they can use to play and withdraw after meeting turnover requirements. Being even a Warrior in the VIP club gives bettors access to additional useful bonuses to help them win a little more real money. 

Register with Go Perya today and take advantage of the 100% first deposit bonus. Continue playing and placing deposits to join the VIP club.