Sabong International Review: The Best Legit Online Sabong for Filipinos

Sabong International is a popular online sabong platform that recently gained popularity during the pandemic as people started registering on the platform to watch sabong matches and bet on them. Online gambling became even more popular when people were forced to stay indoors and being able to place bets on sabong matches online instead of going to local cockpits, which was impossible at the time, made sure that avid sabong players still had a way to play.

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Sabong International Advantages and Disadvantages Review

Sabong International pros and cons

All online sabong platforms have their respective pros and cons for registering with them. Below are Sabong International’s pros and cons:


  • Free to watch live sabong matches on the homepage
  • Generous bonuses
  • Accessible payment methods
  • Live chat feature


  • A slightly limited number of bonuses

Our Verdict and Rating

Our verdict and rating on sabong international

Sabong International is currently a well-known sabong betting platform that many Filipino bettors are currently frequenting. The site is fairly easy to find and gamblers can also opt to use the mobile application instead of repeatedly searching for the site when logging in and placing bets. Sabong International is a good platform that’s easily accessible to many bettors. This platform gets a 5 out of 5.

How to activate and play Sabong International

Sabong bettors can start watching sabong matches and placing bets on them by doing the following:

1. Create an Account

You can create a Sabong International account by finding the red “REGISTER” button found at the top right portion of its website and left-clicking on it. New bettors will need to type in the username and password they want for their account. After registering, new users can left-click on the orange “PLAY NOW” button.

New gamblers will need to follow certain terms and conditions when registering, including submitting a government-issued ID to confirm that they’re at least 22 years old.

How to play at sabong international

2. Download the App

Clicking on the “PLAY NOW” button redirects gamblers to the 6D game interface where they can navigate to “APP DOWNLOAD” to see three QR codes to download the mobile application. Sabong International through 6D is available for iOS and Android devices.

3. Claim Bonuses and Start Playing

Betting through Sabong International gives sabong bettors access to several generous bonuses that helps them win more real money. The gaming experience when playing with a bonus isn’t that different when compared to playing without a bonus, it’s just that users can potentially win more real money once they fulfill the rollover requirements.

Sabong International Login

Sabong bettors can register and log in to Sabong International by going to the Sabong International website and clicking on either the “REGISTER” or “PLAY NOW” buttons at the top of the website. Bettors can also log in using the mobile app by first downloading the app then installing it, tapping “Login” or “Register,” and then filling out the fields.

When logging in, users are prompted to enter the following:

  • Username or phone number
  • Login Password
  • Graphic code

Sabong International Bonuses

Sabong international promotions

Sabong International has several generous bonuses that are perfect for new and old bettors on the platform.

  • First deposit bonus
  • Referral bonus
  • Turnover bonus
  • Rebates

Deposit and Payment Methods 

Sabong bettors can deposit and withdraw money using several payment methods, including the following:

  • GCash
  • PayMaya
  • USDT
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank Transfer
  • Master Card
Sabong international payment methods

The availability of GCash and PayMaya as payment methods make Sabong International an accessible sabong betting platform for many Filipino bettors, especially since most Filipinos have verified GCash and PayMaya accounts. This is convenient when a particular bettor doesn’t have a bank account but uses an e-wallet.

Customer Support

If you need to contact Sabong International’s customer support team, you can do so through live chat.

Sabong International Legality

Sabong International is a legal sabong betting site licensed by PAGCOR. Even before the ban on E-sabong operations was implemented, Sabong International already had a license allowing it to accept bets for sabong matches. 


Yes. PAGCOR has a list of licensed sabong operators and Sabong International was included even before E-sabong operations were suspended.

The minimum bet that gamblers can place is Php 100.

Sabong bettors can win their bets on sabong matches by monitoring the Euweda closely to see the state of the gamecocks and make informed decisions on who will win. It is also possible to rely on luck, but this is less reliable than basing the bet on the gamecocks’ individual states.


Sabong International is currently a popular E-sabong platform that many sabong bettors frequent today to place live online sabong bets. Sabong International’s bonuses, mobile betting option, customer support, and CX make it an excellent platform for many bettors, including new ones.

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