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SW418 Live is currently one of the popular online sabong websites in the Philippines and is frequented by many different sabong bettors. Bettors can go to the platform’s website or download the SW418 Live Android or iOS app, depending on the bettor’s device. Through SW418 Live, gamblers can place bets on the sabong matches available through the platform thanks to its sabong gaming providers.

sw418 live sabong review

Betting through SW418 Live gives bettors nearly the same experience that traditional bettors have by allowing them to watch matches live and place their bets on them.

SW418 Live Advantages and Disadvantages Review

Sw418 live Advantages and disadvantages

All sabong websites have their respective advantages and disadvantages, and SW418 Live is no exception. These pros and cons are the following:


  • HD live streaming
  • Secure website
  • Mobile compatible
  • Accessible payment methods


  • Difficult to find
  • Limited bonuses and promotions

Our Verdict and Rating

SW418 Live is a well-recognized e-sabong platform to the point that plenty of sabong aficionados frequent the platform for their e-sabong needs. However, gamblers might find it difficult to find a legitimate SW418 Live website, since there are multiple SW418 Live sites. It is possible that some scammers or cybercriminals are posing as the legitimate SW418 Live platform.

Our verdict about Sw418 live

SW418 Live is a popular online sabong betting site, but it is somewhat difficult to find as there are multiple SW418 Live websites out there. Bettors might find it difficult to look for a legitimate website and it is possible to accidentally register on a site operated by cybercriminals and scammers who are out to steal a gambler’s personal information and banking details.

SW418 Live gets a 3 out of 5 since it’s fairly difficult to find the actual secure platform.

How to activate and play SW418 Live

Gamblers can bet with SW418 Live through the following:

How to play sw418 Live Sabong

Create an Account

You can register with SW418 Live by navigating through the site and finding the “Sing Up” button at the top of the website. An alternative way is by clicking on a “Register” anchor text that redirects to a webpage guiding you on the registration process. You are required to provide the following for your registration:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email
  • Mobile number
  • Optional referral name

Download the App

You can download the SW418 Live mobile application by clicking “Download App.” You can choose from “Download Android APP” and “Download iOS APP” to download the application for your device. After downloading the SW418 Live application, you will need to register, if you do not have an existing account, or log in, if you already have an existing account, through the app.

Claim Bonuses and Start Playing

Registering and betting with SW418 Live allows gamblers to use several bonuses, including the 40% Welcome Bonus, 30% Referral Bonus, and 20% First Bet Rebate Bonus. These bonuses give bettors more opportunities to win real money they can cash out after fulfilling their respective requirements.

SW418 Live Bonuses

The different bonuses available in SW418 Live include the following:

Sw418 Live Sabong offers
  • 40% Welcome Bonus
  • 30% Referral Bonus
  • 20% First Bet Rebate Bonus

After registering and placing a deposit, you can start using the bonuses above and try fulfilling the requirements to earn bonus money. Keep any rollover requirements in mind to ensure that you can withdraw the bonus money.

Deposit and Payment Methods 

You can place a deposit and withdraw real money using the following payment methods:

  • GCash
  • GrabPay
  • RCBC
Sw418 live transaction methods

Betting through SW418 Live is accessible for many gamblers thanks to the GCash and GrabPay payment methods that many Filipinos already have verified accounts. This allows Filipino gamblers to play even if they don’t have a bank account.

Customer Support

If you need to contact SW418 Live’s support team, you can do so through the following channels:

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Telegram


PAGCOR has a list of licensed sabong operators. SW418 Live is not included in the list of licensed sabong operators, even before then-president Rodrigo Duterte’s order on suspending online sabong operations.


SW418 Live is one of the most popular online sabong betting platforms in the Philippines, but it is rather difficult to find the site and see whether it is still active or not. Successfully finding the site and registering on it gives gamblers access to several bonuses that are ideal for first-time bettors through the platform. The availability of both GCash and GrabPay as deposit and withdrawal methods make SW418 Live an ideal sabong platform for many gamblers.

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